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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
8:48 pm
Philosophical Musings of a Dark and Sensual Nature:
With some aspects certain to provide offense--depending on how one chooses to interpret them.


The Autumnal Equinox is a-cumin in, and summer is gone for the year; and Jess crystalviolet35 leaves for Japan in a few days. I am sitting in Kiva Han contemplating Halloween, and life is good. The sun is out, and what a day to be kayaking... or better yet, find a creek and go skinny dipping while the water's still warm.

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
5:26 pm
Personal Safety Announcement:
(Cross-posted in my personal livejournal, as well as at the clan na cathasaigh community)

For all of the folks in the reading area, for the cause and safety of our hometowns; an enemy is fast encrouching. Its name is Starsucks (A term coined by my brother, and rather appropriate, given its bad food, high prices and even worse coffee).

For those going to be in and around the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, there are some reasonably priced alternatives to this massive noxious weed (the Walmart of Coffee shops): The First is Kiva Han, which has two locations: Forbes Ave, and Craig Street about four shops down from Ali Babba, and Forbes and Meyran.

The other coffee shop, which offers a wide variety of food as well as good coffee, is Craig Street Coffee, located in the same complex as the Irish Design Center and is half-way between Forbes Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Oakland (site of the University of Pittsburgh Main Campus, Carnegie Mellon University, Carlow College, Shadyside Academy, and Chatham College).

Please get together with your friends, and find ALL the local coffee shops in your area. Go there, spend money and time as you can. Post up their locations in your websites and livejournals. Get the word out, and get them business.

It is through the small delis and coffee houses, that make our communities the rich tapestries that they are. Don't let them become homogenized chains.
4:53 pm
Some more of my older poems:
These are taken from my unpublished Anthology, "Life: What Amazing things," which also includes the poems, "Ecstasy," and "An Out of Body Experience."

1. The Ship Depression:

On the waves of sorrow
Rides the ship Depression
The heartfelt pain of loved ones lost
Those who call the sea their grave
And rest in peace, the fish their coffins

Oh the great, glorious Depression
Pray for her crew but go not to help
For with her are monstrous storms and beasts
Stay far away, for like a Siren she calls
And if you heed it, then you too will join her crew

Once I had a future, a warm house and loving wife
My life was good, my fortune made
But then I bade the call of folk long gone
Now I'm cold and wet, my bones upon the floor
And now my soul works forever more on the rigging of the Depression

Oh ye men and women all
Who work the sea and land
Stay away if ye value freedom or life
Stay away or ye'll join the band
who are the crew of the Ship Depression

The Angel of Death is our Bo'son
Around the world we sail
Plague, disaster, and destruction follow
Like a stallion follows a mare in heat

Leave 'way 'fore we beat, the drum of fear and doom

The pain my wife has suffered was too great a burden
One day when the children had grown
She left a note, they cried in vain
But she, my faithful wife, cast herself into the sea
And now works beside me on the Ship Depression

Now ye who wish to end their misery easily
Heed this advice 'fore doing anything hastily
Life's Hell is Heaven
So think what ye do
Unless you want to spend eternity on the Ship Depression
5:38 am
The Dragon
killing me softly
Killing me softly
Roberta Flack
so perfectly
In a lilting tone
Killing me softly
with her song

Strumming my pain
Your narrow blue eyes
a brash attitude
a tender soul
a man in need of love
living in an ice box
of pain
You built up the barrier
so long ago
You forgot the instructions
for tearing it down

I was looking for the code
it must be written in Japanese
for I am perplexed
fever rising inside of me
I know you
I could open you
if only you'd let me

I am no codebreaker
I am only a woman
that which you rejected
long before I met you
My apple does not poison
It is
designed to satisfy
not to isolate
from himself

My dragon
you do not need
fire upon me
burn me as you have been burned
to make me like you
I am like you, yet I am the other

The foreign, the isolate
the unexplored territory
how can you explore Her
when you have not yet
plundered yourself

Pandora made a box alright
it may contain some
of life

Your darkness cloaks you
from the Mystery
I pray you
see the light

Maybe it will not help you
just maybe
it will keep me from death
Saturday, February 21st, 2004
11:15 pm
In the distant echo of a lonely night
Is heard the proverbial voices of my friends
I catch on streams of consciousness their awakening
Messages to me, but for a moment

Your loss is greater than your presence
You were only a loss to begin with and yet
I needed you as I cannot cope with fullness
The greater part of me only thrives on emptiness
It is more comfortable than the Known

When you become Known to me
I am swallowed
I am less of a woman
I am afraid of losing what little there is of me
Most of who I am is a shadow of what others need me to be
Because I am afraid of becoming

I cling to despair, for in it
There is an absence of responsibility
Taking charge of the world, learning who you are
That is an illusion
We can only be what others make of us
To struggle against Truth is futile
Accept it, and move on

I ride the wave of cosmic consciousness
In this moment
Seeking answers
As I have been programmed to seek
Alternative answers for the masses
Being a social outcast, one way to bring oneself back
Is by meditating, and becoming a guru
Then all the Pretty People will pay to listen to you
And just maybe, you can almost be worthy enough
As you provide the Entertainment
10:35 pm
Two of my Older Poems:
1. Ecstasy (now being dedicated to my fiance Jade):

Alone, naked on a mountain top
The wind gently blows around, over, and under you
Like a lover's touch and gentle kiss enveloping your body
A graceful willow that bends but never breaks

A million lies surround you
But among them is one truth, me
True love like mine for you and yours for me cannot be bought
A wall of oak that protects you

I see you for the forests and the trees
I love you for who you are, not what
There will be storms but I'll never leave
Because for me there's you and no one else

A love and life that's true
Like a new mountain range
Where we danced and loved in ecstasy, eons ago
With the spirits and the gods and goddesses.


2. An out of body experience:

The Aurora Borealis, the great northern light
I feel its beams dance erotically through my body and soul
I see ghosts dancing all around
Ecstasy drives through the air
A woman in white, the one that I love, beckons me near her

Streams of blood and marrow pour through my body and soul
I fall apart, decay, one piece at a time
Falling, falling, dying a tortuous death
Surrounded by dead memories and people
Skeletons ripping at me, Give me PEACE! screams my tortured mind

At the bottom of an icy sea, my fleshless body lies
A gleam of light pierces the murky, greenish water
Whales, seals, the denizons of the deep; my gods, my brothers
My lady in white is reaching towards me
I feel my body rise and reform

At last she pulls me free of my watery hell
We embrace
We kiss
We love
I am a new man
10:29 pm
A summer poem I wrote - "The Scorpion"
Emotions rush, a torrent of tears
They well up where you cannot see
I am opposite
What you see is not what you get
Mighty scorpion
Will not fall
My tail will sting you
And ultimately, I sting myself to death
Burning in my longing
Impossible to speak
Righteous fear of hurt
I see right through to heart of you
Because you are like me
Say and do exactly opposite
When we go against who we are
That’s when real suffering begins
Say and do what is true is the only way to live
I can teach that to everyone
Make-believe I am a poster child for mental health
Inside, I am suffering
You are afraid of losing me
So you beat me down with words
Hoping that I’ll see I’m as lowly as you
I may drag my body along the dirt, but my tail is raised high

“I never do anything good or right by you” that’s one thing I remember...

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