bluemoon (bluemoontide) wrote in dedpoetssociety,


In the distant echo of a lonely night
Is heard the proverbial voices of my friends
I catch on streams of consciousness their awakening
Messages to me, but for a moment

Your loss is greater than your presence
You were only a loss to begin with and yet
I needed you as I cannot cope with fullness
The greater part of me only thrives on emptiness
It is more comfortable than the Known

When you become Known to me
I am swallowed
I am less of a woman
I am afraid of losing what little there is of me
Most of who I am is a shadow of what others need me to be
Because I am afraid of becoming

I cling to despair, for in it
There is an absence of responsibility
Taking charge of the world, learning who you are
That is an illusion
We can only be what others make of us
To struggle against Truth is futile
Accept it, and move on

I ride the wave of cosmic consciousness
In this moment
Seeking answers
As I have been programmed to seek
Alternative answers for the masses
Being a social outcast, one way to bring oneself back
Is by meditating, and becoming a guru
Then all the Pretty People will pay to listen to you
And just maybe, you can almost be worthy enough
As you provide the Entertainment
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