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A summer poem I wrote - "The Scorpion"

Emotions rush, a torrent of tears
They well up where you cannot see
I am opposite
What you see is not what you get
Mighty scorpion
Will not fall
My tail will sting you
And ultimately, I sting myself to death
Burning in my longing
Impossible to speak
Righteous fear of hurt
I see right through to heart of you
Because you are like me
Say and do exactly opposite
When we go against who we are
That’s when real suffering begins
Say and do what is true is the only way to live
I can teach that to everyone
Make-believe I am a poster child for mental health
Inside, I am suffering
You are afraid of losing me
So you beat me down with words
Hoping that I’ll see I’m as lowly as you
I may drag my body along the dirt, but my tail is raised high

“I never do anything good or right by you” that’s one thing I remember...
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