Aicerno (aicerno) wrote in dedpoetssociety,

Two of my Older Poems:

1. Ecstasy (now being dedicated to my fiance Jade):

Alone, naked on a mountain top
The wind gently blows around, over, and under you
Like a lover's touch and gentle kiss enveloping your body
A graceful willow that bends but never breaks

A million lies surround you
But among them is one truth, me
True love like mine for you and yours for me cannot be bought
A wall of oak that protects you

I see you for the forests and the trees
I love you for who you are, not what
There will be storms but I'll never leave
Because for me there's you and no one else

A love and life that's true
Like a new mountain range
Where we danced and loved in ecstasy, eons ago
With the spirits and the gods and goddesses.


2. An out of body experience:

The Aurora Borealis, the great northern light
I feel its beams dance erotically through my body and soul
I see ghosts dancing all around
Ecstasy drives through the air
A woman in white, the one that I love, beckons me near her

Streams of blood and marrow pour through my body and soul
I fall apart, decay, one piece at a time
Falling, falling, dying a tortuous death
Surrounded by dead memories and people
Skeletons ripping at me, Give me PEACE! screams my tortured mind

At the bottom of an icy sea, my fleshless body lies
A gleam of light pierces the murky, greenish water
Whales, seals, the denizons of the deep; my gods, my brothers
My lady in white is reaching towards me
I feel my body rise and reform

At last she pulls me free of my watery hell
We embrace
We kiss
We love
I am a new man
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