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Personal Safety Announcement:

(Cross-posted in my personal livejournal, as well as at the clan na cathasaigh community)

For all of the folks in the reading area, for the cause and safety of our hometowns; an enemy is fast encrouching. Its name is Starsucks (A term coined by my brother, and rather appropriate, given its bad food, high prices and even worse coffee).

For those going to be in and around the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, there are some reasonably priced alternatives to this massive noxious weed (the Walmart of Coffee shops): The First is Kiva Han, which has two locations: Forbes Ave, and Craig Street about four shops down from Ali Babba, and Forbes and Meyran.

The other coffee shop, which offers a wide variety of food as well as good coffee, is Craig Street Coffee, located in the same complex as the Irish Design Center and is half-way between Forbes Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Oakland (site of the University of Pittsburgh Main Campus, Carnegie Mellon University, Carlow College, Shadyside Academy, and Chatham College).

Please get together with your friends, and find ALL the local coffee shops in your area. Go there, spend money and time as you can. Post up their locations in your websites and livejournals. Get the word out, and get them business.

It is through the small delis and coffee houses, that make our communities the rich tapestries that they are. Don't let them become homogenized chains.
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